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The Epic Winter Road Trip of 2011

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Epic Winter Road Trip of 2011

Earlier this week (Wednesday) I boarded a flight up to meet up with Babehoney in Buffalo, NY. We drove from Buffalo to her hometown of Cuba that afternoon. Her mom managed to get the day off so she drove and we had a lovely visit between the three of us and her mother's cousin.

Previously I thought that Western New York was pretty ugly, but when it's covered with a layer of pure white snow it's really beautiful. Babehoney showed me around her small town, which seems like a really nice place to grow up, and around the town where she went to college (Alfred, NY). It seems like the kind of place that a kid could just go crazy and explore without fear of kidnappers, gangs, or any of the other crap city kids are raised to fear.

The snow is pretty interesting. It takes more time to get anywhere because I have to put on like 8 layers of clothes and stuff. I like dressing warm, and I look hot in my hat, so it's okay. I've somehow turned into a bit of a homebody, so my favorite parts of the day are sitting inside visiting while the snow falls outside. I did offer Babehoney the chance to recreate the final scene of Kill Bill: Vol. 1 with me in the falling snow, but she declined because she didn't know the lines. I think that's a load of malarkey because I even offered to be O-ren. Oh well.

We went to eat at a couple blogworthy places over the past few days. A couple nights ago we went to the Beef n' Barrel in Olean, NY. I had this monstrous roast beef sandwich that was pretty awesome. Today we went to Sprague's maple factory where I had the stuffed french toast. It was awesome.

Pictures are at my flickr and I apologize for not having the time to post them here.

Tomorrow we're amtrak-ing it over to NYC. PICTURES SOON.

Until later my faithful reader(s), anyong-hi gyeseyeo!



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