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Battlefield: Bad Company (Video Game Review)

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company (Video Game Review)

I like to do a short review of all of the games I play, so today I'm writing about Battlefield: Bad Company. No, not Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but rather the original. This game is really one of my favorite first person shooters, and it's the first one that really grabbed me and sucked me into the single player campaign. It's also the game that piqued my interest in online multiplayer as a feature. You can get it used at gamestop for about $15 or so right now, and I think that the value is definitely there.

I wasn't super into first person shooters because I found them to be somewhat hard to approach. It takes a bit of    getting used-to for me to not be able to see what's on the sides of my character, but Battlefield: Bad Company for some reason made the gameplay experience much more approachable. The story, writing, and voice acting was great. I really enjoyed the hell out of the single player campaign. It had humor, which I've found is often absent from this genre of game. The characters were likeable, and most importantly perhaps, the environment was VERY DESTRUCTIBLE! That's a great thing when your enemy is hiding behind stupid cover that shouldn't be able to stop a bullet.

The Battlefield series is famous for its vehicular combat options as well, and Bad Company doesn't disappoint. Helicopter? No problem. Jeep? No problem. Tank? No problem. It's all there, and it all plays well.

The multiplayer modes are super easy to get into and out of, and it's never difficult to find a game. I hope they keep supporting this title online, because the multiplayer mode is hilariously fun! I don't think people like it when I'm on their team though, because I suck.

The end.

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