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Beautiful Bureaucracy!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beautiful Bureaucracy!

So today we went down to get our last document Apostilled. An apostille is an authentication, similar to a notary public stamp, that is used for documents internationally to ensure that said documents are actually valid. Typically you have to go to your state's capital city to pay a few bucks and have the notary's seal on your document apostilled. This means that today, we got up, drove up to Austin, paid a few bucks for notary stamps and parking, and walked a few blocks over to the Secretary of State's office. They rejected our request for Apostille because the document was issued by the federal government. It seems kind of crazy to expect someone to send an original document by mail to the federal government for a stamp, I mean...should you reasonably expect the postal service to not lose something that took you 8-12 weeks to get from a federal agency?

The solution is simple, but pretty expensive. We're going to hire someone to do it for us. But damn, it seems like the Apostille process is completely inconsistent. Other people get their background checks certified with no trouble, and no one seems to know what the magic words to try on the affidavit of authenticity are. Oh well, we can get it done in one day by hiring someone, so that's the way we're going to have to do it.

Heh, I said "do it."


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