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The Obligatory Year-End Post

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Obligatory Year-End Post

2010 started out pretty well, although I had mono, which kinda totally sucked. In 2010 some big things happened though.

1) My relationship with my girlfriend went from serious to ultra-serious. I love her more than anything and I'm so thankful that I have her to start 2011 with (in a few days when I fly up to New York.)

2) I finished my master's degree.

3) My girl and I decided to make a run at moving to Korea, and it looks like we'll be moving there in the next couple of months.

4) I became a university professor for a semester. It was pretty cool.

5) I lost my job and the girl and I moved in with my mother while we got everything prepared for the jobs we want to take in Korea.

6) I got my brown belt in Taido, something that I'm pretty damn proud of.

Some fun stuff happened too:

1) I saw every Space Shuttle launch of 2010 from Cape Canaveral.

2) I went to Disney World in Orlando with my girl a whopping 4 times.

3) I spent a great weekend with my Taido friends in Panama City Beach, Florida.

All in all, I'd say 2010 was way better than 2009, but I'm sure 2011 is going to be even better. Since my girl is a couple thousand miles away, my first act of the new year is going to be to play Call of Duty: Black Ops, which I picked up on sale at Target today. Yay.

Happy New Year.


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