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Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat...

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat...

Ahh, the holidays are here! My favorite time of year. This year is a little different though, because we're halfway around the world from home and family and the grand mad dash holiday shopping experience. Now, everyone always talks about how horrible the whole holiday-mall-shopping-center-elbows-and-assholes experience is horrible, but you know what, I LOVE IT. The good news is that any shopping experience here in Korea turns into that very same rushed dash push and shove kind of experience, so there's nothing missing there. There's even a few department stores that have put out Christmas decorations. Holiday Shopping experience: Check.

The next thing is Christmas music. It's playing in the stores, and it's easy to log onto GrooveShark and listen to the sounds of the season when we're at home.

We found a 24" or so Christmas tree and decorated the heck out of it. It's all lit up with battery sucking Krypton bulbs and provides just enough of a miniature Christmas tree flair that we're happy and merry at home. We also got a couple strands of red and green lights and Carolyn found stockings downtown somewhere. The apartment here is looking more festive than our apartment in Florida did, for sure!

Our little $50 oven from Gmarket has been put to good use and Carolyn's been pumping out holiday baked goods all day today. This is one investment that paid big dividends. With a little resourcefulness we can make pretty much anything from home that we want now...perfect for the holidays.

Now, gifts. It's easy to buy gifts for family back home as we can find cool Korean things and whatnot, but neither of us really want that kind of stuff, so it's a little more difficult. Thanks be to the interwebs for making that an easy fix.

This may not be the most interesting post ever, but it feels a lot like Christmas around here and I thought it was worth a mention. Off to deal with a pot of chili Carolyn has simmering on the stove..

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