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Thanksgiving: the time for renewal and change

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving: the time for renewal and change

I'll start out this post by telling you about our awesome Thanksgiving holiday. We recently bought a small counter top oven with a rotisserie attachment. It's not quite big enough to fit a turkey in, but that doesn't matter too much as a turkey here in Korea costs an arm and a leg, and we had to work all day on Thanksgiving so we wouldn't have time to roast one anyway. We planned out a suitable menu of alternatives that we could quickly prepare after school, and when we got home turned on the little oven, roasted a chicken, made stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn. It was ridiculously good. The whole house smelled like, well, Thanksgiving. Then we wrapped some fresh Gyeongsangbuk-do apples in homemade pastry, filled them with cinnamon, sugar, and butter, and baked them until we had a single-serving apple pie for each of us. It was a great reminder of how much we love home, and really got us pumped to visit the U.S. of  A. next month...because...

We're staying in Korea for another year. This brings a couple of changes along with it, but right now we feel like a job you have is a job you hold onto because it's just a little bit too scary at home. Carolyn is going to have to change schools for next year, but we're going to stick through it and hope for the best. We think that another year will leave us with enough savings to have a nice little wedding, a nice big honeymoon, and get settled and ready to start our new life together back in the U.S. We could certainly have less cool reasons to stay here in Korea for another year, and you know what, Korea isn't a bad place to be. Next year we're planning on getting to a few festivals that we missed this year, and another trip to somewhere warm and beach-y in Southeast Asia, along with shorter trips to Japan and China. After that we're probably going to want to make our next few trips in Europe and South America.

That's the news here. We're just up late on a Saturday night, watching TV shows we've found on the internet, and Carolyn is doing some handicrafts (she's got a skill...she could totally have a rockin etsy shop.)

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