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Happy Trails...

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Trails...

Today we went out for a nice walk in the mountains. The air had a thin lacy white mist that made everything seem like it was a little bit more distant and grand. The mist wasn't so thick so as to obscure the nice, blue sky, but rather hid it behind a thin veil. You could tell it was clear, just a few meters above some layer of air that settled in the bowl that we live in called Daegu. Anyhow it was a beautiful day, and I took lots of pictures. Good news, the speck of dust that's been visible in photos for the past 6 months has moved on the lens and now disappears in the focus. Finally. I feel like I have a new camera. Perhaps I'll get a new camera strap to go with it. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures I'm sharing with you.


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