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Transformers 3 and a night of Sport Shopping in Daegu

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transformers 3 and a night of Sport Shopping in Daegu

Ahhh, so the summer blockbuster orgy continues. Friday night after work I met Babehoney down at the Lotte Young Plaza downtown to go to the CGV movie theater and see Transformers 3. It made for a really nice night out, and we even got the last two seats together in the theater. Lucky us. I thought the movie was pretty great, and the special effects were awesome. When we get home we'll definitely get the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack :).  I particularly enjoyed the scene where Bumblebee throws Sam out of his seat, does some sort of cartwheel, and catches him. It was pretty epic. Anyway, that was another of many nights at the movie. Amazingly we got seats on the Subway for the ride home. That might have something to do with the fact that they just upped the fares 150 wons per trip. That's only about 15 cents or so.

Saturday it rained. All day. I walked down and got a haircut, got cleaned up, and after it stopped raining we headed downtown again to "just look" at some things. My sandals broke just after we got downtown, and since they were what I was planning to wear to Bali, it was time to find something new. I wasn't about to buy another set of made in China and going to fall apart soon sandals, so we went to Merrell and Salomon. I really wanted the Merrell sandals I found to fit, but my feet are just too damn big for shoe shopping in Korea. The Salomon sore had the biggest size imported into the country, 285mm. That's about a 10.5 US size. I usually wear an 11.5-12. But somehow they fit. They were uncomfortable at first, but I think now that they're breaking in a bit I'm going to be just fine in Bali. I also got a new set of flip flops for the trip, because mine look like trash. So, we're all set to head to Indonesia next month. The countdown calendar in our kitchen has us at T-34 days and counting. I also bought a loofa and some facial soap and body wash at the Olive Young downtown. I feel so fancy, but really with the humidity here (it's oppressive, like Florida or Southeast Texas. Not as hot, but there is NO breeze a lot of the time because of the mountains that surround the city) I needed to get some better cleansers. I feel a lot better now :).

That's all for now.

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