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Another dusty day in Daegu

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another dusty day in Daegu

So we're apparently in the thick bit of the "yellow dust" season in Korea. Every year windstorms or something, maybe butterflies, who knows, blows up a buttload of dust from the Gobi desert. This dust drifts through air, over such industrially active and polluted cities as Beijing, and then falls on Korea and Japan. I had a cold last week and now I'm pretty sure I have yellow mud (wet dust) in my lungs, throat, and nose. Soon the dust levels will drop again and I will feel like a human. I hope.

Work has been nice and easy, but I haven't managed to make it back to Taekwondo since I got sick. I'm going tonight with babehoney, even if I just sit on the couch and watch. Life in general is pretty good. It's definitely getting warmer with daily temperatures approaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's the update for now, not a whole lot to write about from this side of the Sea of Japan.



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