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Taekwondo, Part 2

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Taekwondo, Part 2

Last week I started Taekwondo with Babehoney. The second class was much more difficult than the first, and he now has all of the white belts performing all of the "basic" kicks which somehow include a spinning heel kick and a spinning roundhouse. Not super easy stuff. The master seems to like us though, and the class is a great workout.

Babehoney spent the last week or so not feeling very good, but she seems to feel better today. The bad news is that I seem to not feel so hot today, with a sore throat and so much snot I could start a snot river. Moving half-way around the world means moving into a new environment for bacteria where your immune system isn't quite ready to respond to all the new, um, stimuli. It takes a bit longer to get over colds and such, and we get hit with them more often. I guess it's sort of the same concept of the Columbian exchange, without the same high rate of death.

I got new glasses, which was awesome because getting glasses in Korea is dirt cheap. The eye exam, selection, purchase, and delivery of glasses all happened in about 20 minutes.The rest of our weekend was pretty straightforward. Saturday we went to Costco, and Sunday we went to the movies. We also watched all of the Indiana Jones movies, which was super fun but there weren't any particularly exciting cultural experiences or anything.

That's the news. I'm going to play video games or read or something.


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