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The Daegu Genius Youth Orchestra

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Daegu Genius Youth Orchestra

I guess it's time to reminisce a little bit. In middle and high school I played in the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio, and it was a pretty great experience. I remember us sounding very good with an amazing string section and a really strong wind group. It was a lot of fun, and I've somewhat been regretful about not joining the concert tour to Australia in 1999. Because of my experience with YOSA I was excited when the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education (DMOE from now on) said that the Daegu Genius Youth Orchestra would be performing at our mandatory teacher's workshop last night.

I expected that they would be good, but they were astounding. The string sections were perfectly in tune and incredibly precise with their playing. The brass and woodwinds were very strong, and the percussion played perfectly. I found the musical interpretations of some very dynamic music to be very Korean. Everything was controlled. Fortes were not too forte, pianos though were very piano. The YOSA Philharmonic might have been as good, but we were not as precise as these kids. That said, we sounded more like a western orchestra. They played some very cool music from the late classical to contemporary periods, and I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor once they finished. They definitely were the Daegu Genius Youth Orchestra.

That's the big update for today. Tonight we're going to dine at the Happy Cow and have some Yang Nyeom Kalbi Sal. Mmmm mashisoyo!

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