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Oh Sweet Modernity!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Sweet Modernity!

Babehoney and I finally got internet access at home and cell phones. It feels great to rejoin the world without having to pay 4500W for a cup of cawpee (coffee in Korea...they have no "f" sound in their language.) We're watching Castle on TV, in English with Korean subtitles, and it feels like home :). I'm also uploading photos to my flickr account at a stupid-fast pace while downloading a movie and an entire season of The Venture Bros. They said the internet access here was fast, and they weren't kidding.

A few notes about the new services:

1) We have found two TV channels that are nothing but people playing StarCraft with loud exciting Korean commentary.
2) My cell phone looks like "Kit" from the old Knight Rider series.
3) When I flip my phone open it makes the sound of a can of coke opening.
4) We had to buy a router today. We kept finding that the only WiFi we could log onto was "iptime" and today we giggled like schoolgirls at the HomePlus (repeat after me: Home-eh Puh-rus-suh) when we found an iptime brand router. Of course I set it up to be all password protected which was interesting since all the menus were in Korean :).

I need to go to Gyodong market to get a power converter so I can get my PS3 plugged in. Maybe I can find a power supply for a Wii there too!

Also a note about fast food in Korea:

We went to McDonald's. We had Quarter Pounder with Cheese meals. They were freaking amazing. Service workers here seem to take a huge amount of pride in their work, and they obviously don't cut corners on the fast food. KFC and Pizza Hut have been similar experiences. Much better than you can get at any of those places in the USA, even with the same "quality" ingredients.

Anyhow, there's not much more exciting going on here, just the joy of rejoining civilized society with faster internets than we've ever seen ever. EVAR even.



At March 18, 2011 at 9:48 AM , Blogger Kelly said...

Welcome back to your world!


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