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Oh man, it's already June.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh man, it's already June.

Well, it's the first week of June. The kids back home are out of school, and the kids here have maybe another 6 weeks or so to go. Not much of interest has happened since my last update. Babehoney and I both changed our hairstyles. She went from blonde to brown and got a shorter cut that really frames her face super nice. I went from longer hair on top to a caesar style cut that actually works pretty well. Work has been fairly easy, and we're going to taekwondo about 3-4 times a week right now. Last weekend we tested for our yellow belts and got to break boards and stuff. It was pretty cool.

This weekend is a long weekend for memorial day in Korea. We usually like to skip out of town for the weekend on long ones, but we're trying to save some money for our big trip in August. We thought China sounded like a pretty awesome idea, but now we're leaning more towards Bali. We could swim in the South Pacific and Indian oceans if we go there. The food looks amazing, and it would be a complete change of pace from East Asia in general. We're somewhat afraid that if we go to China we'll find that the cities look remarkably similar to where we are now, with different writing on the signs. Bali will be a 100% change of pace.

Today we tried to sleep in as much as possible. That's about 9:30am in Korea because the streets become quite busy and it's just too noisy after the hustle and bustle starts to keep your eyes closed. Babehoney and I did laundry and cleaned up the kitchen, and we're waiting for a pot of curry rice to be ready so we can eat. Later we're meeting some friends at a nice park where I think we're going to climb a mountain or something and maybe hang out in a different park eating fried chicken later. I don't think we have too many other plans for the weekend, but we could both stand to just have a restful weekend I think.

Babehoney's sister just had a baby, and it's really a beautiful little girl. It's really tugging on her heart that we're so far away from home and she's got new family members she hasn't met yet. She's such a sweet girl, and I'm happy that she's an auntie now :). I think that this change along with the fact that Korea isn't so new and exciting anymore makes us a little homesick. We still have new adventures almost every day (seriously, I eat school lunches, that's an adventure), but I don't think either of us intend to remain away from the U.S. forever. ..we miss our peeps!

I ordered a video game from about a week ago, and it arrived on Thursday, so I've been working on L.A. Noire when I have time at night. It's quite an amazing game, and I really like the interrogation scenes. I think it has a great mix of action, puzzle, and an intense storyline that should make it one of the defining games of 2011. That's my bit of mindless fun for now :).

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