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Smiling Dalseo!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smiling Dalseo!

The district (bigger than a neighborhood, smaller than a city) that we live in here in Daegu is Dalseo-gu. Carolyn and I decided that we needed to get our cameras out and go practice photography a bit before our big trip to Bali in 2 weeks. Because we a) are low on funds and b) have never really explored beyond the subway lines, we headed out to walk around Dalseo a bit. After a hot, rainy afternoon of trekking around Dalseo-gu, we cleaned up and went downtown to see Harry Potter. We had a nice Japanese ramen meal (real ramen is so much better than instant) and walked around downtown practicing our photography some more. Here's a few of my photos from the day:

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