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Lazy Day

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Day

So today was my first day to warm my desk. I wrote up actual lesson plans for my classes next week instead of just the workbook pages the teacher in charge wanted so that I'd know what kind of materials I'd need. Then I read about American economics and politics before going home. Tomorrow I'm going to make the materials I need, and then hopefully have time to read about American Economics and Politics before I go home. My home country is far more interesting now that I'm not in it :).

After work I played about that five hours of Call of Duty. I leveled up twice. This couldn't get any less interesting. I also played a bit of Shank, a downloadable title that runs a bit like all of the action scenes from Kill Bill set as a strange Mexican-Japanese animation lovechild. It's a cool game. I just wasn't super motivated to do anything, and Babehoney got hung up at school with coworkers for a bit and didn't get home until right before it was time to go to taekwondo. Now here's where I feel like a total tool. Babehoney got royally sick last night after TKD and didn't feel up to it tonight. I should have gone. I didn't go earlier this week because I didn't feel so hot, and even though I was hungry, feeling lazy, and not really in a great mood today, I should have gone to TKD. Shoulda woulda coulda. Honestly the thought of being around kids at the moment was a bit much to deal with, the half hour walk there and back in the humid, not too hot but not at all comfortable air with no one to talk to, and the fact that I feel a little barfy myself made it easy to convince myself to just stay home.

I did make a quick run out to the Lotte Super to get a carrot and a curry packet, and tonight I'm making hot golden Korean-style curry for dinner. It's one of my favorite foods in Korea, and everything is boiling away right now. Yummo. Anyway, now that I'm settled in for the evening it's time to watch some crap TV and movies.


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