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30 Days to Go

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 Days to Go

Ah. Final exams. The joyful time of year where I don't really have to work, but rather just sit at my desk while the kids do the hard work and I play around on the internet. This is good and nerve-wracking.

The good:

  • I have plenty of time to come up with an awesome idea for my 3 day Summer Camp in 2 weeks.
  • I won't have a headache at the end of the day.
  • I get to eat whatever I want for lunch, because the cafeteria is closed.
  • There's plenty of current events to become an expert on what with the U.S.'s potential to cause economic calamity by not raising the national debt ceiling.
  • Sometimes friends and family pop onto facebook and it's good to chat a bit.
  • It's fun to read about our chosen vacation destination online. Travel blogs are always fun and interesting to read.
The nerve-wracking:
  • I'm having trouble coming up with awesome ideas for my 3 day Summer Camp in 2 weeks. Eek!
  • The current events I tend to read about make me angry...or at least agitated.
  • Sometimes friends and family DON'T pop onto facebook and chat for a bit.
  • Reading about vacation destinations online makes me want to go on vacation NOW NOW NOW. But there's still 30 days (exactly 30 days) until we get to go.
All in all though, these are perfect days at work. You see, I like my job. In fact, I like my job quite a lot. This could be confusing to explain. The job I have right now is great, but I don't really enjoy working. I'd rather read about travel, travel, play video games, read about the U.S. national deficit, ANYTHING, other than work. So, sitting at a desk for a few hours without doing any actual work is perfect. Plus I don't really have any extra money to spend at the moment...I'd rather spend it somewhere like...Bali.

Next weekend we're traveling to Boryeong, a city on the West Sea (if you're in Korea, the East China Sea is the West Sea, and the Sea of Japan is the East Sea) with some sort of magical superhealthy mud. The point of the trip is to get slathered in mud and hang out with other foreigners, but it sounds like a pretty good deal of fun. I'm mainly looking forward to seeing a new place. Daegu is nice but all the buildings look pretty much the same, all of the stores carry the same product, and it doesn't feel very foreign anymore. On our trips to Seoul, Jinhae, Gyeongju, and the Hantan River it's always been refreshing to see some new sites. This is our last in-country trip before our big summer vacay, too. 

Anyhow, I know the updates have been a bit more mundane lately, but with the rainy season weather and our fairly busy schedules (taekwondo 3 nights a week, something almost every weekend) there hasn't been much time for pondering, contemplation, and weak self-realizations necessary to maintain the awesomeness of a blog. In just 40 days or so you will be bombarded with pictures and text that describes the magical island of Bali, so stay tuned!

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