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The Holy Grill at Wolbae

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Holy Grill at Wolbae

Oh thank heavens. The Holy Grill opened a new location near the Wolbae Home Plus recently. Babehoney has been once before, but today was my first visit to the satellite of the best place to eat in Daegu. They have a limited menu, just sammiches and burritos, but it's all just as good as the downtown location. The best part, it's not all the way downtown! I had "the New Yorker," which is basically pastrami, pickles, and cheese on 3 pieces of grilled white bread. It was great. And cheap! 4,900W! The fries were amazing too. Babehoney had the steak burrito, which was also 4,900W, and it was even amazing-er. As many of my Korean friends that speak English would say, "Maybe we will eat there many times." Woo Woo!

In unrelated news, we went shopping at HomePlus. I wore my new Salomon shoes (gotta break them in before the trip to Bali) and contacts. Gotta get used to that again!

Now, off to gear up for the workweek.

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