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Last night in Busan

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Last night in Busan

Ahhh. Sweet freedom. We finished the EPIK orientation today with demonstrations of our lesson plans and a closing ceremony. We signed our contracts and it's official. Babehoney and I will be working at adjacent schools. She's going to be at the elementary school and I'll be at the middle school. Apparently the easiest place for us to find each other once we're there is at the school itself, and we'll live nearby. I'm pretty excited about it, that's for sure. It'll almost be like we're back to normal, except, halfway around the world.

To celebrate we went out with some of our new friends. One is moving to Daegu with us, the others are staying in Busan. We went right outside of the college to one of the brightly lit alleyways (seriously, this is the first place I've been where the alleys are brighter than the streets) and had a night on the town...for about 2 hours. We went first to a little bar that was filled with westerners and western music. We all had a beer, and they went for about 2500w each. That's a little over $2 for a beer. Not bad! Then we went up to a soju-bang or "Soju Room" for some soju, Korean rice liquor. The menu was 100% in Korean, and the waiter wasn't about to speak English. Somehow I piped up with "Soju olmayeyo?" He held up 3 fingers. Then I said "Set soju juseyo." I couldn't believe that I had actually ordered something in Korean. 5 words that made me feel like for like a minute and a half.

Babehoney at the Sojubang

Me, clinging to a bottle of water for life at the sojubang.

Tonight was the first time I tried soju, and you know, it's WAY better than I thought it would be. It's not as dry as sake, and it's far more drinkable than hard liquor. I can see how people can completely drink themselves into the ground with it. After we finished up our soju we walked back over to the university to call it a night. Tomorrow we have to get up bright and early to load our luggage onto the trucks and bus and make the trip up to Daegu.

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