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Oh man, it's here.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh man, it's here.

We're leaving for Korea in a mere 30 hours. It's pretty amazing how fast the past few days have gone. We've packed and packed and packed, and I think we're packed pretty well. We've somehow consolidated our belongings into 4 bags, 2 carryons, and a couple of backpacks. We leave from Austin at 6:00am Wednesday and arrive in Busan hopefully no more than about 28 hours later, with stops in Chicago and Tokyo. We're ready for it all. We embrace the idea of culture shock. We want to see neon lights, interesting architecture, and jagged mountains. But are you ever really ready for something like this? I don't think it's possible to not feel overwhelmed by such a huge event looming literally just over the horizon.

We have a few last stops to make, a few last purchases to do, and a few loose ends to tie up tomorrow. It should be no problem, then early to bed, earlier to rise, and ride up to Austin for the flight to Chicago. It's gametime. When I think about the things we're going to see, hear, smell, and taste in the next few days my heart beats faster. It's really crazy. All I can do to calm down is distract myself by reading, playing iPod touch games (my PS3 is packed!) and burying my nose in the news. This is an amazing sensation.

I can't wait to report in from our new digs, on the other side of the planet.



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