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No big news today, but an update anyway.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No big news today, but an update anyway.

There's no big news to report today, just a few funny observations and a description of my lunch.

We had seminars and lectures all day. I think I have a functional command of reading Hangeul. Reading doesn't mean you know what it means, but it does mean that you know what subway station to go to, which bathroom is for Nam-ja and which one is for Yeo-ja, and you can pronounce the items on a menu to see if you recognize them from your prior Korean dining experience (like we did with the sam gyap sal the other night).

Before arriving in Korea I had been listening to a podcast called Talk to me in Korean. I thought that the host of the show had a great command of English and the production of the show made it really easy to learn the small things that help you get by in daily life. He was one of the lecturers today, and his lecture was just as good as his podcast. I was happy to tell him I really enjoy his podcast and that I found it very helpful.

Our lunch was a nice surprise today. DIY Bi bim bap! I loaded mine up with a fried egg, gochujang and various root vegetables. It was pretty yum compared to everything we've eaten in the cafeteria so far. And it was free!

It's pretty cold out today, so we didn't go out exploring or anything. We're pretty tired and decided to just do some lesson planning and take it easy tonight. This orientation has been really helpful. Even a Master's in Education doesn't quite prepare you for teaching in the way that hearing a teacher's perspective on their students does. Especially when the students are of a type that studies harder than you ever did, goes to school more hours in a day than you're even awake, and doesn't speak your language.

Anyway, it's getting late and it's time to tuck in for the night!


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