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Now Blogcasting from the Republic of Korea

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Now Blogcasting from the Republic of Korea

It's official in the most physical, literal, and spiritual way, babehoney and I relocated to South Korea yesterday for at least a year. We're really happy to be here, and really tired. Jet lag is no joke, fools. Anyway, today we had our medical exams, a couple of sticks and x-rays, and then went to the 2011 EPIK Opening Ceremony where we saw kids from the Pukyong National University Samul Nori team and the Busan Arts High School do a few VERY impressive performances.

 After that we had a short class meeting with our training groups, a welcome dinner, and then babehoney and I headed out to find some neon. We sure found some! The street traffic here moves at a very frenetic pace, and the buildings are lit up like no other.

We were pretty tired so we didn't go into any shops, bars, restaurants, or bangs, but we did walk past a garden we found this morning which was lit up beautifully, and stopped to admire it a bit before we came back to blog and sleep.

I'm too tired for any more adventure tonight, but 'm sure tomorrow is going to bring a whole slew of new fun and adventure to the mix.

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