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My Dirty Kitchen - Korean Style Ramen

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Dirty Kitchen - Korean Style Ramen

Today is a special VIDEO edition of the Ever Evolving Primate! You'll notice that there's a YouTube button in the links at the top of the page now, and you can always click there if you want to see what I think is cool in the world of YouTube. 

Here's the backstory, two nights ago we were fooling around on YouTube and stumbled upon a vlog from the great Eat Your Kimchi channel about making Korean style ramen, and we wanted to try it. Carolyn picked up all the supplies on the way home from school and we made it. A special note on things Koreans have told us...a Korean person really did explain to me that brown eggs come from brown chickens. We're not making any kind of ethnic slur, it's just fun to compare the two cultures old wives' tales!
I hope you enjoy our culinary adventure into the world of haute Korean cuisine. Yes, there will be a new episode one day soon, because I want to make my own kimbap.


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