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A uniquely Korean experience.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

A uniquely Korean experience.

The last few days I realized that in less than a year we'll be leaving Korea and if we come back it will likely be only for a visit if at all. We tried taekwondo, but it was pretty expensive, communication was difficult, and honestly, after a day at work as a teacher the last place you want to spend a substantial part of your evening is with a bunch of screaming kids. We've tried soju and all night drinking benders and those are fun here and there, but you can do that at home (though, not really to the same degree). Noraebang is fun, but it's really not all that different from Karaoke at home.

Last year after the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival the only shelter we could find was a PC Bang, which is a room filled with computers, smoke, the smell of ramyeon noodles, cans of mountain dew and coffee beverages, and Korean dudes screaming into headsets while they play online computer games. Now, that night it wasn't all that awesome. I was tired, as were my travel mates (although Brittany's then-boyfriend stayed up all night playing World of Warcraft or something like that) so I crashed in my chair until it was time to wake up and get on the train.

Now, the actual playing of video games for hours on end might be fun, but I need to get into the right kind of game to make a PC Bang night worthwhile. I think I might see if EVE Online runs on my computer. There's some hilarious stories that have come out of this game, which allows you to use in-game currency to pay your monthly membership if you're good enough. I think it might be worth a go at playing for a few weeks to see if this is something I'd be interested in, but I'm really not so sure about it. There's a 2 week free trial I might get on and see how it plays and feels. But that's probably as far as I'll take it...but maybe I should do it for the cultural experience.

Plus maybe I could be as epic as Leeroy Jenkins (29 million views...ha!)

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